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25 October 2020 – 07 November 2020


Four years ago at Slot, Charles Cooper and Pia Larsen staged an exhibition of flags to coincide with the USA presidential election that were playful. When they proposed a follow up show a few months ago, their mood was anything but playful and everything to do with the current presidency.

In Donald Trump’s self-declared era of ‘fake news’, the nuanced art of spin was replaced with narcissistic lies. A cant, dictated by Rupert Murdoch and emblazoned with the idiotic catch cry, “Make America Great Again”, begs the question, when did America stop being great? 

Cooper with his coffin and Larsen with her banners identify the two glaring issues facing the USA at this election, an inability to remedy or manage the Covid-19 pandemic and the racial and economic inequalities epitomised by the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protest movement. 

Together they ask a deeper question, are we watching the paragon of capitalism devolve into tacit civil war?

What Goes Around… 2016: Resume
What Goes Around… 2016: Quote
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Slot, an independent window gallery dedicated to bringing art to the street.  

On view 24 hours a day

38 Botany Road · Alexandria NSW 2015 · Australia

What Goes Around… 2016: Selected Work
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